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Who doesn’t want to go to college?

May 29, 2008

Let me explain my day to you. I get into work at about 5:45 every morning; I do this to avoid the beltway traffic during rush hour, and it also gets me out by 3:00 so I can get to class. Between 5:45 and 7:00, the office is quiet and I can get a lot of work accomplished. This morning, though, my boss came in at 6:30 with a story.

First off, my boss rocks. He’s unarguably one of the best managers I’ve ever worked under and I would follow him to the Fifth Circle of Professional Hell. He’s also an incredible father – his kids take international trips during the summer, never have to worry about money, and get nice cars for their 16th birthday.

So this morning he tells us the story of his eldest daughter. Apparently, she doesn’t want to go to college. He is willing to cover every cent of tuition (regardless of where she goes) and has told her that she just has to worry about “passing her classes and having fun.” So why is she balking at the idea of a fully-funded college education?

I’ve worked full-time since I was a teenager, so I don’t understand why anyone would turn that offer down. She’s an intelligent, straight-A student, but she doesn’t see the value of a degree. I swear, kids confuse me.

I told my boss that he should apply her college fund toward my tuition payments, but he declined.