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I want to move to Venezuela

May 31, 2008

Take a look at this recent chart from the Energy Information Association:

I hate gas prices as much as the next guy (a tiny two-door coup should not cost $40 to fill up!), but thank God I don’t live in Germany. If you can’t see, it costs an average of $11.49 for a gallon of gas in Germany. In fact, gas all over Europe is more than twice as expensive as that of the United States. Southeast Asia varies (it’s $4.16 in India, but less than $3 in China and Indonesia).

But look at Caracas, Venezuela. $0.12! Zero dollars and twelve cents! I could have abstained from that Starbucks espresso yesterday and bought thirty gallons of gas. And I’d have to become a socialist and improve my Spanish, but those are minor issues.